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POB Bankcard Terminal
Anytime a retail merchant accepts payment for goods or services from a customer who is using any other method of payment other than cash, that merchant is providing a valuable convenience to the customer...and of course this arrangement always ends up costing the merchant alot of money which drives up the cost of goods and services for the consumer.

Our program provides an opportunity for the merchant to place the cost of providing card acceptance on the customer which helps the merchant keep the price of their goods and services under control, helping their business stay more competitive and more profitable.

Cashless ATMs enable merchants to accept bankcard payments at no cost to their business!  Since the cost of accepting bankcards is paid for by the customer, many merchants are finding that having a 99 cent convenience fee (surcharge) is the best way to go as fewer customers will object to paying the fee since this helps keep prices low.

Save More Cash!
When merchants understand that the primary benefit Cashless ATMs offer is saving alot of money on processing fees they otherwise would be paying using traditional bankcard processing, it makes perfect sense to have a low surcharge as the cost of the equipment is paid for in what is saved in processing fees, plus PIN based transactions help to eliminate losses associated with customer charge-backs and consumer fraud which is growing industry problem.

To understand more about accepting bankcards at no cost, use the links above for more details about the program.  Contact us with any questions you may have or to get started making your retail business more profitable!

HIGH RISK credit and debit card processing services available for business like Gaming and Gambling at non-profit Fundraisers, Gaming Events such as Bingo and Keno, Indian Casinos and well known Gambling Casinos, and Merchants with Bad Credit  Call / Email for Details...Start Accepting Bankcards Today!

Thinking about Investing in a Cashless ATM Business Opportunity?
If so, be prepared to lose money!  After being in the business for alot of years, we've yet to hear of any business opportunity company that could perform what they promise their potential customers before money changes hands.  Before you consider any business deals where they find locations for you, consider reading our page on investing to learn more about how these atm franchises are actually atm scams!   Click Here for more Info
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