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POB Bankcard Terminal
We offer a POB program that feature reasonable pricing unlike other companies that only offer high prices that punish businesses that the banking industry considers to be high risk so they can place a very large mark up processing services.

Our program offers simple flat rate pricing for Casinos that offer gambling, and for the increasingly popular Gaming Industry.  Cashless ATMs work great in Las Vegas and Reno Nevada, Biloxi Mississippi, New Orleans, Atlantic City, and in pro-gambling states that have legalized gaming and gambling at Indian Casinos, and non-profit gambling and gaming such as Bingo. POB processing is a great fit with Lottery retailers for keno and lottery tickets.

Customers have access to free online reporting to be able to easily review daily transactions and print monthly statements.  Since this program provides PIN based cash withdrawals, transactions are not reported like traditional credit card processing offered by merchant services.  Chargebacks are very hard for customers to accomplish thru their bank, and if merchants retain copies of all transaction receipts, chargebacks can actually be blocked so the merchant is protected from losing money!

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risk Topless Bars and Gentlemen's clubs, Adult Oriented Businesses, Nightclubs, College Frat Raves, Lottery and Keno Retailerss and Dispensaries staffed by Legal Medical Marijuana Doctors.

No need to get under a long term lease or an ongoing rental plan when you can own your own PCI industry compliant equipment outright at a low cost compared to industry competitors.

Your business is appreciated and our policy is to treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve as a business person running an honest enterprise.  Contact us using the email form link below and we will send you hassle free details and paperwork so you can sign up today!

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